Thursday, 14 February 2008

The Persecution of the Baha’is of Iran Continues…

The Baha’is of Iran has been enduring never-ending persecution for the past three decades. They have faced these tribulations with the hope that one day the message they hold dear to their hearts is heard throughout the world. “Religious and government authorities, continue to deny your [the Baha’is] God-given rights” whilst “maintaining a climate of intimidation that severely threatens those who would come to your aid” (Universal House of Justice, 25 December 2007).

As the Islamic government of Iran continues to deny the basic and “God-given rights” of the Baha’is in their country, other Iranians are raising their voices and taking a stand against these actions. The Universal House of Justice stated that “justice-seeking, fair-minded Iranians from every walk of life in your homeland and abroad have begun to raise their voices in your defence and, in growing numbers, want to know the truth about the Faith.” Throughout the world, where people can voice their opinions and concerns freely, “Iranian intellectuals frequently express anger and dismay at your [the Baha’is] treatment” and the “Iranian mass media recount your story and demand that the civil rights of all Iranians be safeguarded” (Universal House of Justice, 25 December 2007).

Yet the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran continues to turn a blind eye to all this, and perpetuates their heartless persecution with unwavering fervour. Aren’t they ashamed? Baha’is in Iran are mothers, fathers, grandparents, sons, daughters, aunties and uncles of people around them. They have the same blood flowing in their veins as their neighbours. By virtue of their location they are despised by their government for what they have chosen to believe as their spiritual foundations. There is no justice in this. When will this end? Will 2008 be the year when the Iranian Baha’is can finally be free?

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