Thursday, 8 March 2007

Official character of Baha'i expulsions in Iranian university revealed

The headquarters of Payame Noor University instructed its regional branches about the government policy for Baha’i students. The letter dated 2 November 2006 states that it is government policy that Baha'i students cannot enroll in Iranian universities and that if they are already enrolled, they should be expelled.

English translation of the letter:

With respect, according to the ruling of the Cultural Revolutionary Council and the instructions of the Ministry of Information and the Head Protection Office of the Central Organization of Payám-i-Núr University, Bahá’ís cannot enrol in universities and higher education centres. Therefore, such cases if encountered should be reported, their enrolment should be strictly avoided, and if they are already enrolled they should be expelled.

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anar said...

this is outrageous! how can a government or its agencies be allowed to dictate in such a way? it resembles the apartied regime in south africa and the hostilities towards the jews in the hollocust! the governments of the world came together before to stop such chaotic madness.

why isn't anyone doing anything this time? as a university student myself, it disgusts me to think that any government or agency could yeild such actions.