Monday, 7 July 2008

Amassing of information on the Bahá’ís... Bahá’ís in Iran continued persecutions

  • January 2008 brought reports that the bank accounts of Bahá’ís in Orumiyeh are being monitored and that similar steps were being taken in other cities in Iran. Cities included Khomein, Sarvestan, Shiraz, and Tehran.

  • Late December 2007 through to January 2008 had reports that the members of the small group of Bahá’ís that coordinates the affairs of the community of Qorveh on an ad hoc basis were each given a questionnaire to complete that calls for detailed information regarding their Bahá’í activities, Bahá’í relatives, and Muslim friends.

  • In December 2007 the city of Kerman had five officers from the Ministry of Intelligence entered the house of Mr. Danesh Charkhzarrin with a search warrant and confiscated his books, pictures of ‘Abdu’l-Baha, tapes, and various compact discs. Mr. Charkhzarrin was then taken to the Intelligence Ministry and interrogated for twelve hours. Most questions were about his job situation and his Muslim business associates. They also asked about his and his wife’s activities.

  • Again in December 2007, this time in the city of Zanjan, the Cultural Heritage, Handicraft and Tourism organization has asked all the artists from religious minorities who are to participate in an arts exhibition to fill out a questionnaire that includes a section in which the individual must specify his or her religion.

  • September to December 2007 features fifty-two summonses being issued to Baha’is to appear at their local office of the Intelligence Ministry for questioning. The interrogators, using every ploy to intimidate, threaten, and cause psychological damage, sought to obtain detailed information regarding the Baha’i community and the activities of Baha’is, as well as information on the personal lives of specified believers.

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