Tuesday, 26 February 2008


Baha'is in over 200 countries and territories are celebrating Ayyam-i-Ha from 26 February 2008 to 1 March 2008 inclusive. Because it’s a leap year, Baha’is are enjoying 5 days of celebrating Ayyam-i-Ha with special activities and prayers, preparing for to fast for the Baha’i Month of Ala, which is 19 days long.

"It behoveth the people of Baha, throughout these days, to provide good cheer for themselves, their kindred and, beyond them, the poor and needy, and with joy and exultation to hail and glorify their Lord, to sing His praise and magnify His Name." Baha'u'llah


Anonymous said...

Mamnoon az webloge zibatoon. dar sorate emkan manabeie khabarha ro ham ke az sitehaie bahai hastesh zekr konin, chun intory be shenakhte shodane sitehaie bahai bishtar komak mikonin.
Dar zemn site jadide saqar ro ham link bedin:


ADL said...

Dear Anonymous, I’m glad that you like this weblog. References to all our sources are listed on the right hand side. Will try to expand the list where possible.

Marco Oliveira said...

I wish you a spiritual uplifting fast.
Baha’i greetings from Lisbon.