Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Why continue persecuting the Baha’i students

This is the feeling of a young Baha’i university student who lives in southern hemisphere:

With the start of the university semester pending for many universities throughout the southern hemisphere, it is a timely reminder for all parents and soon-to-be students to reflect on, and appreciate, the opportunity afforded to people to study. This is a timely reminder of the struggles faced by the Baha’i students throughout the Islamic Republic of Iran. Whilst students in Asia, Africa, the Pacific and South America are queuing up to enrol or re-enrol, there are capable and willing students in Iran who are denied access to higher education by virtue of the religion they affiliate themselves to.

Can the Islamic Republic of Iran rectify their actions and allow Baha’i students to legitimately and freely enrol in courses offered at their tertiary institutions when their enrolment period starts later this year? Is there even a glimmer of hope?

For a lecturer or teacher it matters not the religious affiliation their student has, but their aptitude and capacity to learn. If a person has the innate ability and foundations to further their studies, then why should their religious belief become the deciding factor for their university placement? It should be their ability to perform in that designated field, rather than the God they pray to, that decides if they should have a placement to become what they are destined to become.

We may have hope in our hearts but it’s action that we need. When will the Islamic Republic of Iran take account for their actions before their people and their Lord?

Is it just that the Islamic Republic Government of Iran continues to deprive young Baha’is from tertiary education? Universities in southern hemisphere are opening to begin the new academic year in next few days, so Baha’i students will start the new term of education along with the others with great sympathy towards Baha’i students in Iran. Isn’t it heartbreaking?

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