Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Baha'is arrested in Mashhad

Government officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran raided the homes of some Baha'is in Mahshad on Monday 26 January 2009. They confiscated computers, books and photo albums. They arrested Ms Sima Eshraghi and Mr Jalayer Vahdat, and have been taken to an unknown location.

The government officials have not yet made any statements regarding these arrests or the charges against these individuals.

This is the second time in January that the Islamic Republic Government of Iran has raided the homes of Baha'is. They have previously raided the house of Baha'is in Ghaemshahr on 18 January 2009, now they have extended their attacks to east. The persecution of the Baha’is in Iran has been intensified by Islamic Republic Government in recent months. The members of the National Coordinating Group of the Baha’is in Iran who were arrested more than eight months ago still remain in captivity.

This report has also been confirmed by The Human Rights Activists in Iran.

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