Thursday, 31 January 2008

It’s Confirmed, prison sentences for Baha’is in Shiraz

Mr Ali Reza Jamshidi, Iran's judiciary spokesman, confirmed that the three Baha’is held in custody in city of Shiraz, are sentenced to four years in imprisonment. Another 51 Baha'is in the same group were given one-year suspended prison terms.

IRNA news agency has published this news on Tuesday 29 January 2008.

Link to IRNA:

The three Baha’is in Shiraz were engaged in efforts to help underprivileged children in their city, through a program of training that emphasises moral virtues. The Islamic Republic Government rewarded these three youths FOUR YEARS imprisonment.

This is devastating news for the Baha’i community in Iran. This is yet another blow to the community that seeks peace and unity. These so-called prisoners have not committed any crime that suffices such punishment. They are working towards the betterment of the world, but the Islamic Republic of Iran rewards their lofty efforts with injustice and the cruelty reserved for criminals.

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