Monday, 22 December 2008

Iran Shuts Down the Defender of Human Rights Centre

Iranian police have raided and closed the office of a Defender of Human Rights Centre (DHRC) led by the Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Shirin Ebadi on the evening of Sunday 21 December 2008.

According to Narges Mohammadi, Deputy Head of the Centre, dozens of policemen entered the office without showing a search warrant. The policemen said they were not obliged to show a warrant because they were wearing police uniforms. Iranian authorities have provided no written justification for the raid.

Ms Ebadi, who has repeatedly criticised Iran's human rights record, said it would not stop her supporters' work. She also said: "We will meet again somewhere else and will continue to support the rights of activists and political prisoners,".

For more details please refer to the following news agencies:
1. BBC NEWS (English)
2. The Washington Post (English)
3. Radio Farda (Farsi)
4. Deutsche Welle (Farsi)
5. Radio France Internationale (Farsi)
6. IRNA (Farsi)
7. Fars News Agency (Farsi)
8. AUTMEWS (Farsi)

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