Monday, 17 September 2007

Another Baha’i Cemetery is demolished in Iran

The Iranian authorities ordered the demolition of another Baha’i cemetery in Iran, this time in Najaf-Abad (Esfahan). This despicable and notorious action has brought extensive grief and unhappiness to Baha’i families who have lost their loved ones, especially those who have lost their relatives recently. This is the second Baha’i cemetery that has been demolished in the course of only a few short months. Clearly, this is proof of systematic and planned persecution towards members of the Baha’i Faith in Iran.

It is truly heart breaking to see children shedding tears. Was it not enough that they grieve the loss of their parents? Now they lament the destruction of their resting place.


Anonymous said...

This is not only horrible.. it's inhumane. I cannot believe that they are going this far, as if it's not enough to deny Baha'is their higher education, their human rights, their voice, their freedom, but they must harass, hurt, and humiliate them in this manner.

Luckily the Baha'i community in Iran is strong, as well as very patient and tolerant. I hope that they will gain the strength and courage to heal from this very unfortunate news. Bless you all, and we Muslims are here to fight for your rights.

Thank you for this excellent blog.

ADL said...

Thank you Esra'a for your comment. It is extremely challenging for Baha'is living in Iran. I believe it is time for the whole world to bear witness to what is happening in Iran, and to raise their voices to put an end to the persecution.